Our Holiday Club

Park Hill Nursery provides holiday care for children up until the end of Primary school, aged 11. This facility is open to all children and not dependant on attendance of either Wilcombe or Tidcombe Primary schools.


We provide a full or half day care for school-aged children.  Our holiday club provides positive social experiences and allows opportunities to build new friendships with children from different Primary schools within the local community. 


Within our setting we provide a range of activities, play equipment and games for all the children to access, these include various art and craft activities, play-mobile, board games, Lego and build a bear to name a few. 

We also provide ICT equipment within the room for the children to develop these skills with support from our staff.

The children also have  opportunities to cook and bake and have daily access to our large garden and covered veranda areas.


Being based within Wilcombe school grounds also gives us access to the large playgrounds,  an Astroturf area with basket hoops. and the school field with climbing apparatus and a running track. This gives children the opportunity to participate in numerous physical  activities and games including football, cricket and basket ball.


We are extremely lucky to have direct access to the canal from the grounds of Wilcombe, including local parks near by and the  old railway line in close walking   proximity.  We also have our own vehicle to allow trips further afield., including visiting Knighthayes.