The Squirrel Room (30+ Months)

The Squirrels use two large open plan rooms with connecting veranda spaces. The room is set up into discrete areas ranging from a role-play corner to a mark making area.  The veranda is accessible all year round and gives children access to the fresh air even during the heaviest rain showers. The veranda doors are covered with thick PVC curtains which keep the heat in during the winter months. To the left of our veranda we also have created a growing where children can begin to care and grow vegetables and flowers.


The toilets are just off the room and children are supervised in here all the time. We have potties for children who are still potty training, and nappy changing facilities are available as well. Children are encouraged to be independent with their personal hygiene  and toileting, using the sinks to wash their hands independently as well as sitting on the toilet by them selves with adult supervision.


All children in this room have their own tray which we use to collate artwork and any other materials such as newsletters, invoices etc that are required to go home. Please can parents check this tray at the end of every session they attend.


Our Squirrels are offered a wide and varied range of stimulating and challenging activities for them to enjoy on a daily basis. There is a choice of messy play options out everyday in the messy tray. These include sand play, water play, gloop, pasta, jelly, shredded paper and a lot more. Messy play is a great way for your child to experience the textures present in the world around them. 

The room has a large range of toys available. There are numerous role play resources including a wooden role-play kitchen area complete with plastic food, cooking utensils, cups and plates as well as doctors dressing up and other resources. Also cars and toy garage, wooden building blocks, musical instruments, action figures are available for children to access. The children also have access to both visual and auditory entertainment, which is limited to no more than 30 minutes a day, and used for specific learning, as a constant back ground noise can be distracting to children’s attention. Information technology is also emphasised in this room where children have access to a desktop computer. This computer does not however have access to the internet.


The Squirrels are not limited to the room, they also make use of the large garden we have to offer here at Park Hill. During bad weather we provide your child with an all weather suit to keep them clean and dry, as well as our own wellies and winter hats. In the summer we provide all children with a sun hat.  The garden has many resources to help promote your child’s physical development. We have a large wooden pirate ship, large sandpit and tyre-snake as well as a new mud kitchen along with other general resources such as bikes, scooters, ride-ons and balls.  As well as the garden, we often make use of the easy access to the canal and take the children to feed the ducks and look at the other wildlife as well as visiting the local parks in our area.


We also promote teeth cleaning for all children. We provide all children with their own tooth brush and encourage them to clean their teeth once throughout their session.

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