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The Outdoor Learning Environment


We believe that playing outside is fun, exciting, and important for children’s learning and development.

The great outdoors gives children plenty to explore. They can embrace the freedom and space the outdoors gives them to shout, jump, run around, hop and skip.

Playing outside is really important to us at Park Hill Nursery. By supporting children’s play whilst outside we are also helping their development.

We are very lucky to have such a wonderful outdoor environment which is used daily by all our children, whatever the weather! During the wetter weather we provide all-in-one weather suits and welly boots to allow the children the freedom to get messy and during the hotter months we have sun hats, areas of shade and sun cream to use for the children.


Our safe, fenced garden is zoned into many different areas for specific learning; we have a quiet area with seating for reading and spending time with their friends and adults, an adventure area for climbing and using their large muscles, a set of swings for all aged children, several slides, a large undercover sandpit for digging and building, a large metal train and a car for imaginary play and climbing, a mud kitchen complete with a digging area too, a construction area for large model building, a creative area for drawing and painting and lots of outdoor play resources to develop children’s gross motor skills such as balls, hoops, scooters and bikes.


Our huge outdoor space gives all the children numerous opportunities to explore and make discoveries whilst learning through play.


We also have a separate ‘discovery’ garden for planting and bug hunting. In this garden we have a pond, fruit trees, flower beds, a vegetable patch and small insect area.

Being outside is an exciting sensory experience. Babies will enjoy the exciting visuals on offer, and toddlers love the chance to explore different spaces and touch natural objects such as; leaves, grass, pinecones and trees.

Allowing children to have regular access to outside is very important to us.

In addition to this we are also fortunate enough to be able to use the outdoor facilities at   Wilcombe Primary School. These include an AstroTurf court, running track, large climbing apparatus, the school field and activity playground.

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