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The Hedgehog Room (0-30 Months)

Hedgehog room.png

Our Hedgehog room is a safe comfortable space for children aged from birth-2 1/2 years. 


The Hedgehog’s area is sectioned off from the main play area. It is fully carpeted and has small well defined areas for different play experiences. There is a cosy book/reading area well suited for snuggles and quiet times, a role play space for acting out home life. Heuristic play for exploring and challenging the babies thought processes and a wide variety of toys.

There are role play opportunities for all ages, interactive wall displays and a heuristic play area for children to explore.

We offer a range of exciting, fun and stimulating activities throughout the day. 

The babies join the older children for snack, lunch  and tea times; this allows them to feel a part of the whole nursery and get to know all the staff members. 

The babies use the dining area for after lunch sleeps and occasionally are able to sleep in their area if required. 

 We provide children with their own clean bedding, although parents may wish to leave a grow bag here for us to use.


The nappy changing area has a built in changing shelf which is very sturdy and safe. There are 2 small toilets and hand washing facilities for children who are beginning to toilet train. Children’s independence with regards to their personal hygiene needs are instilled and promoted early, with children using these hand washing facilities before each meal time and after nappy changing/toileting. 

The children also use our courtyard. When in the garden we provide your child with sunhats, warm hats or all in one suits as required, to keep them safe, warm and clean and dry. For non mobile children we make use of pushchairs and trikes with handles for adults to push. We also have a  large covered sand pit, slides and climbing equipment.  As well as the garden, we often make use of our proximity to the canal and take the children to feed the ducks, look at the other wildlife and visit the park.



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