The Hedgehog Room (0-30 Months)

The Hedgehog’s room has two main areas, a hard floor area for messy play and carpeted area for floor play. There is also a separate sleep room and a changing area complete with a toilet and hand washing facilities.


The main carpeted area provides children a safe comfortable space to explore toys and activities on the floor. We use this area for gross motor skills as well by bringing climbing apparatus from outside in, this includes small slides. The hard-floor area is used by children of all ages to explore the more messy activities, such as painting, water play and sand play, but also for snack. There is a large table which has a number of baby seats attached to it for children who are not yet able to support themselves in a traditional chair. There are also high chairs available for the younger children.


The nappy changing area has a dedicated changing station which is attached to the wall. There is a small toilet and hand washing facilities for children who are beginning to toilet train. Children’s independence with regards to their personal hygiene needs are instilled and promoted early, with children using these hand washing facilities before each meal time and after nappy changing/toileting.


Our sleep room has been purpose built and was designed to limit both auditory and light stimuli. This darkened room is equipped with 4 cots and there is space for a further 4 children to go to sleep on mats in the cosy corner if needed. We provide children with their own clean bedding, although parents may wish to leave a grow bag or similar here with us to use.


This room offers your child a wide and varied range of stimulating and challenging activities for them to enjoy on a daily basis. There is a choice of messy play options out everyday. These include a sand pit, water play, gloop, pasta, jelly, shredded paper and a lot more. Messy play is a great way for your child to experience the textures present in the world around them..


This room has a large range of toys available. There are numerous role play resources including plastic food, cooking utensils, cups and plates as well as dressing up clothes. Also cars, musical instruments, building blocks and soft toys. The children have access to auditory entertainment, however its consumption is limited and used for specific learning as a constant back ground noise can be distracting to children’s attention. 


For non mobile children we have a sensory area with lots of pillows for them to lie in amongst. We have walkers and activity stations for children to use to help them become more mobile.


The Hedgehogs are not limited to this room however, they also make use of the large garden we have to offer here at Park Hill. When in the garden we provide your child with an all weather suit to keep them clean and dry as well as our own wellies. For non mobile children we make use of pushchairs so they can experience the fresh air as well as the large covered sand pit and play pen which allow them to play safely away from the older children who may be running around the garden. As well as the garden, we often make use of our proximity to the canal and take the children to feed the ducks and look at the other wildlife.


We also promote teeth cleaning for all children. We provide all children with their own tooth brush and encourage them to clean their teeth once throughout their session. 


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